Learning Log – Google Docs

Google Document – My Favorite Social Networking Tool

I did not really have any experience using Google Docs, but I see that it can be a useful tool to use in the classroom.  It is a great way to share, and monitor, work.  Instead of suggesting revisions on a hard copy of a student’s work and arranging times to meet to discuss the work, or have the hard copy exchange hands, you can do everything online.  This can save time, paper, and energy.  Google documents is available on any computer with an internet connection.  This means that students can easily access work they do on school computers at home, and vice versa. Creating a Google document would also let students work collaboratively on a project without having to be in the same geographic location.  At their leisure students could work on, revise, and collaborate on a project.  Having students make their work available through Google Docs would also allow students to critique the work of others and to use suggestions from peers to improve their own work.  Knowing that others will be able to view their document may also encourage students to put more effort into their work.  Google Docs seems like a great, and not to mention free and easy, way to share your work with others.


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